Napalm Ted / Mustasuo

The gloomy land of Finland has given birth to many great bands. Yes, this country is mostly known for its metal bands, but there (in the deepest and darkest caves) are many interesting grind and near grind squads. So today we will listen a really heavy (almost 100 gram! hahah) split 7” with two unordinary bands. As with almost all Finnish extreme albums/releases this 7” has a dark atmosphere and noticeable influence from black metal. I do not want to torture you with long and empty words, so allow me to start with the first band – Napam Ted! This band with weird name has 3 members, they’re trolls located in Oulu. The sounds that come from their dark cave are pretty unusual. Mostly these tunes are based on extreme metal, but guys managed mix that with a solid portion of Grind and Crust. Their songs are fast, their sound is sharp and their roars are loud. That’s how I can describe their crazy music. All 4 songs are short bursts of screaming energy (not much longer than 2 minutes). Also the whole side is pretty much riffy and unboring. Some of the parts remind me of Napalm Death and some Macabre… Next up are nasty blackned punks from the evil and dark forest! Hm, I dont know how to start. I find a lot of good things on this record, also I have found some bad stuff… I guess I will write about the good things. This record has a lot of good and interesting punk riffs and solos. These songs are impregnated with a solid load of heavy energy and of course that d-beat goodness. But the main negative I have is with the vocasl. I dont know how the vocals were recorded, but they stand out from the rest of the recording. I guess the problem is in bad mixing? Well we have what we have. Hope that guys will solve this problem on the next record! Rating: Napalm Ted – 7 Mustasuo – 6.5

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