Little Puppy Princess – Anti Scum Human (Hotel Broslin Records)

I`m pretty worried about people is South Korea, it seems that they have caught a strong and powerful Grind virus. For just few years their local Grind underground has grown up. And I’m really happy with that, because now we have more great Grind bands in our small family. So today we will speak about the latest release of Little Puppy Princess. This mad trio started only a few short years ago, but a few months ago they visited Australia on tour (and that was impressive). Our friends made some positive changes… They’ve grown up and they’re mutilating the dead with some wicked old school Grindcore. This has heavy effect on their sound and riffs (we will talk about that a little bit later) and that also has effecte on their art. Just look at this collage! Okay I can can agree with the fact that is not unique, but this one looks badass! This one was made in 100% Grindcore fashion.
So “Anti Scum Human” is receptacle for being 10 very fast, dirty, short and good songs. As I said before, the sound has changed, now it’s more clear, maybe even heavier… Song structures have become more rigid and direct. The guys are trying their best, they shoot you in a barrage song by song. They don’t want to give you time to breathe or time to open your beer. And I must admit that they sound even more aggressive now than ever. I like how this guitar sounds, it’s still a little bit messy but now its full of buzzing energy. The same can be said about the drums, now these beats sounds more confident and more powerful. So in the end I can only add that I’m really happy to see and hear these positive changes in this band. Hope that their next release will be even more powerful! Rating: 8/10 LPP bc LPP fb

You can get this lovely tape thru Hotel Broslin Records!

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