Sram / Archagathus

Mince on my friends! This day I want to dedicate to one very popular Grind sub genre. Today I want to write something about Mincecore. As you all well know, this genre was created by big and old guys from Agathocles, but it has been 30 years already and Mincecore is still popular (at least I think so, hahaha). There is a lot of good bands nowadays and also a ton of nasty releases. Well I chose this split because I want to compare two mince bands from the different corners of our stupid planet. So here is nice friendly noise fight between Sram (from Moscow,Russia) and Archagathus (Manitoba,Canada). I think the best way to describe Sram, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the band, is to put it like this. Imagine a bear who is suffering from a hangover and who is looking for some nice cold beer. That thing is angry, really angry, his head is going to blow up and he is roaring and smashing everything in his way. As you may understand this record is pretty wild… This band doesn’t sound like another AG clone, and that is beautiful. As for the sound, it’s a little bit dirty and floppy… But the whole material is really interesting. If you will listen closely you will hear some tiny tunes from old grind/death times. The vocalist acting without any pichshifters, these screams are “real” haha, and yes that is a big plus for this band. But we can’t forget about this angry buzzing guitar and nice drums beats (which are pretty groovy). PS: the cover art was made by Alexander, he is the drummer in Sram. I guess there are no freaks who don’t know Archagathus but for these who`s dont… Archagathus is some kind of dirty Sasquatch who lives in deep Canadian forests and yes that creature loves cats and beer, haha! These bastards have a lot of splits and other releases, they’ve done a lot of shows and it’s logical that, with the years, their music will change. First of all the whole sound became more lower and it’s become more gorey. Also, now Dan uses more pitchshifted vocals. With these changes this “new” Archagathus sounds more interesting and more aggressive. But there is still a lot of groovy, goofy moments which are so catchy and will make you swing. Also all tracks were recorded by only Dan (pretty talented guy isn’t he?) and these 6 songs are impossible to turn off! Rating: Sram 7.5/10 Archagathus 8.5/10

You can order this split 7′ thru No Bread rec!

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