Nakay/LxPxPx (Grindfather prod)

As you all know grindcore has pread everywhere. This strange, fast, yelling and aggressive kind of music helps many people to release their own protests, to relieve stress or it can help you to convey somebody’s own vision of this world. Well like I said this genre is everywhere and today I want to talk about two interesting representatives of this extreme direction, Nakay (from USA) and Little Puppy Princess (from South Korea). This release is short and it has a very strange cover. It’s really first time when I see something like this. A man with his dog is jumping into the water (wtf?)… strange choice for the cover ūüėČ
This small split starts with the Nakay side. Well alphabetical order is our order so let’s begin with this band. Our American friends are well known in the Grind world. They’ve got a lot of records and this one is the latest. This side flows very well, I’m literally stuck to my speakers, haha! I have been attacked with some nice raw sound and dirty blastbeats! They managed to create a really powerful guitar sound, these 6 strings sound really buzzing. But this 4 minutes is rich not only with crazy grindcore, but you will alsp hear a lot of badass death metal riffs (which the songs even better). And different kinds of vocals (these fits her perfectly, btw) ends this list.
Little Puppy Princess (what a weird name) is a pretty messy 3 piece band. These trio are acting fast, dirty and with huge load of ferocity (they seriously remind me some of old Japanese bands, with that aggression). The whole sound is unclean and muddy‚Ķ sometimes I can’t recognize the guitar sound. All the instruments are clumped together‚Ķ but that’s not the point. The main point is in the energy of this release. You should just relax and feel this wall of really mad energy. These guys tried really hard, they spent all their power on what they had. I’m almost certain they recorded these songs on the first take.
Ah yes, I almost forgot, play this split at maximum volume!
Rating: Nakay – 8/10 LxPxPx – 7.5/10

You can buy this tape HERE!

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