Disuse – Demo 2017

Holland is known for having loads of amazing extreme bands from a variety of genres. Disuse is no exception to this knowledge. This 3 Piece Grind Unit hail from Leiden,Netherlands and are fairly new to the scene. Featuring Jan Lugtenburg of Brodequin fame on drums as well as Rogier Kuzee of Kru$h/Last Days of Humanity on vocals. Now enough about the band let’s get to this lovely little cassette. The cover art is kind of your average Grindcore front cover, depicting a mountain of what look like World War II Gas Masks. Onward to the part we are all really here for, the noise! The first song hits like a truck from the start with relentless Blastbeats and Chunky Chainsaw Riffs. Then Rogier comes in hurling ungodly roaring and almost guttural screeches that will make ones skin crawl. Each song on this short and sweet demo stands on its own. From the hilariously titled Bob Ross to the bloody brilliant Fundamentally Dead. So, if you’re looking for a new and intriguing Dutch Grindcore experience, definitely look into Disuse! Rating- 7.5/10 Disuse bc Disuse fb

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