Haggus / Couple Skate

In this boring daily life I’m really missing good,raw, and groovy noise music and that’s why I want to write a few words about this release. We have here 2 bands, Couple Skate and Haggus, both of them recorded their vomit-swamp noises a year ago, but this vinyl split was released just a few month ago (I guess it took a lot of time to find right labels)… The cover was made by Gruesome Graphics and holy lord, it sucks šŸ˜‰ This cartoon artwork, with all these stoned characters, looks pretty stupidā€¦ But I picked up this 7ā€ not for its looks, I chose it only for the noise inside! Well we will start in alphabetical order. So Couple Skateā€¦
These Ohio bastards recorded their songs by analog 4 track cassette deck! Hm, I`m sure that’s why these noises sound so low and heavy. I really like how that guitar soundsā€¦ man, that is harsh. These buzzing noises are pure barbarity! Also I can say the same about the vomit vocals. They are a real savage roars. And this noisy story ends with goofy drums, which perfectly fit in this music mess.
Californian Mince/Gore terrorists are the next in line! You all perfectly know how these guys love to create a good catchy song. But I must say that this first track hooked me up! The ā€œUnsuccessful Musicianā€ contains some sort of old punk spirit (good memorable melodies that try to remain stuck in your head) this song really makes me swing. Next 7 songs are a little bit harsher, they sound more ā€œusualā€ for this band. There is a lot of sonorous sound of drums, screaming guitar and ugly distorted vocals and simple, but, very catchy rhythms.
In the very end I can only add that this raw split can save your boring evening, just make the sound louder, hahaha!

Rating: 8/10 Haggus fb Couple Skate fb

Buy this record atĀ www.GrindFatherProd.com

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