Malad/Harsh Supplement (Rotova Porojnina Records)

I really don’t know why but noisecore guys really like tape. Noise labels are releasing a ton of cassettes per year. I guess it’s a pretty comfortable format for them. Young Ukrainian label Rotova Porojnina Records just released this harsh tape and gave me this one for review. It’s a split between Canadian noise veterans Harsh Supplement and Ukrainian noise duo Malad. Hm, this short tape has really crazy artwork… I`m pretty sure that this art mass was made by a really stoned and mad designer, haha! But we are here for the noise, so let’s look into the dark void of noisecore depths… Let’s taste this first noise cocktail – Malad! I’ve known this band from the beginning… and I must confess in the early years these guys sounded horrible. But with passing years they found the right way and now they sound much better. This recording session is pretty much dirty… distorted sound of the bass guitar makes a real mess. Sadly I can’t say that I am satisfied with their side 100%, but anyway there were a lot of good moments. Stupid wall of aggression, yelling. blast beats and pure improvisation. That`s what we call Malad! The second long drink is really strong. Old duo Harsh Supplement knows how to create really high energy shit. Yes I know that almost all of their stuff is of bad quality, their sound is definitely not the best. BUT, their material is full of real ferocity and power. This recording is pretty wild, it’s like the guys tried to put all of their negative emotions in this noise. It seems that these roars, yells and screams were recorded in some kind of zoo, hahah! That shit sound really wild. Rating: Malad – 6 Harsh Supplement – 7

You can buy this tape HERE!

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