G.O.D. ‎– Grindgoregraphy

Canadian Grotesque Organ Defilement is one of the unusual grind bands of the last decade (at least for me). This trio managed to create something really mad, fresh and noisy. Their groovy, fast, nasty songs conquered/infected many hearts and minds. Through the years, the guys have recorded and released so many songs, they made splits with such bands as Agathocles, Mesrine, Archagathus, Hyperemesis and many others… Well the time has come and 3 different labels (Suicide Of A Species, Garbage Bondage Records, Ill Faith Records) gathered together in order to create a massive discography. What can I say, this release is really massive, this special edition contains 132 tracks! And the idea to put these songs in a special 3 tape box is really adorable. It’s a rare and strange format, but I love it. The whole polygraphy is made in the old diy way… these stickers look horrible, hahah!) So let’s open this small Pandora’s box and take the first tape out… Wow there is lot of different material, different releases, different sounds… and also different quality. BUT, this shit sounds like one nasty bomb! The whole damn thing is a little bit randomized but it’s even better, because you will have a chance to compare old and new recording sessions. My favorites here are songs from the album Body Horror, split with Wadge, Destroy Your Life For Capitalism EP and from split with Violent Restitution. I freaking love the way how these guys mixed gore with oldschool grindcore, this mix sounds so dangerous, heavy and fast. They spit all their ferocity and aggression in these songs. A mess of wild distorted screams, buzzing guitar riffs, low bass and incredible drums looks like that creepy monster from “The Thing”, haha!) Well if you are ready for some really savage noises, then this release is definitely for you! PS: I dont know who was in charge for duplication of these tapes, but my copy sounds suck, thanks for that (I hope that all your beer will be warm) Rating: 8.5/10 G.O.D. fb

You can by this release thru Garbage Bondage records!

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