Anarchus / Ruin (Fat Ass Records)

Let’s dedicate this day to old school times (when all letters were written on real paper) and bands (which never used triggers and other bullshit). For this special review we picked up a pretty intense and aggressive split between Mexican legends Anarchus and American veterans Ruin. This small buzzing CD was released through Polish Fat Ass Records and this toxic box contains 8 loud songs (4 from each side). Unfortunately I didn’t find any info about the artist that was in charge of this grotesque art. But he/she did a fantastic job, this gloomy picture is perfectly matched with the noises inside. I guess I can describe this artwork with something like “we need more death in the name of money and profit”. Hope I understand that right… Well I`m really happy that Anarchus is so active. These guys are trying to play in every dirty club over the globe, haha! They already planned to visit USA and Europe. And just a few month ago these dudes released their new album. But let’s get back to our story. All 4 songs sound pretty tight, all these noises have clear sound. Occasionally the guitar sounds a little bit dry. In these tunes I felt a big portion of old grindcore mixed with good metal. Sometimes this crazy music train reminds me some sort of satanic metal (especially these parts with double bits). And in the end I want to say a few words about Panchos vocals. That man still has power, and a fire in his heart. His screams are so wild and insane, freaking great work! And that ending sounds so weird, hahaha! After a long delay (of probably death) Ruin is back to us. The duo has literally ruin power haha! I really liked the atmospheric intro, this church choir sounds very gloomy… And after that part the guys started with good and powerful kick. That kick with such bass guitar sound is so delicious and painful. Buzzing guitar finishes the bloody execution… Also I was really surprised with these acoustic melodies, that part sounds so nice and it perfectly flows into the whole theme. This doomed nasty death metal sounds really nice, despite the middle tempo, this recording is not boring at all. Well if you’re looking for good death metal tunes, then you should check this band. PS: As I know there will be vinyl version of this split. I guess it will be released by Fat Ass Rec. Rating: 8/10 Anarchus fb Ruin bc

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