Napalm Death Is Dead / Facepalm Death (Hotel Broslin)

Japan vs USA. Again? Yes my friends, that is right. This split tape is like a horrible soundtrack for Pearl Harbor. Both bands are making fun of Napalm Death (judging by their names) and both of them are playing harsh Noisecore. All this strange hellish sound mess is packed in a small diy tape with Godzilla on the cover art. Japanese duo Napalm Death Is Dead sound very weird. It all starts with strange noise that sounds like someone is beating a stone against a stone. Then these guys bit by bit add some sort of harsh noise (I guess that is super distorted bass guitar sound). That wall of noise can make serious damage to your ears. I can’t say that that was the best noise in my life, but I must admit that shit sounds pretty memorable. Mess from USA duo sounds experimental. They used a drum machine and that device makes annoying noises (my ears have suffered a lot from that evil buzzing box). Also these guys used many different sounds of everything (like car horn, screams, some samples from hip hop music and much more). And yes, these few minutes have pretty dirty, low quality sound. For me this noise sounds very regular, unfortunately this side has no catchy moment… Rating: 6/10 NxDxIxDx fb

You can buy this tape at Hotel Broslin Records!

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