OBACHA – Discography (Knochentapes)

OBACHA was a bunch of psychos from British Columbia… Sad but they stopped writing and playing shows a few years ago. That was a really interesting band, with interesting music ideas and with raw sound. I think that German Knochentapes caught a good idea (about this discography) and then it was transformed into this tape. The whole tape looks pretty primitive and a little bit cheesy. I have no idea who the hell is depicted on this cover, but we all perfectly know that hardcore/pv bands love to pick up some random or not well known characters. There is about half an hour of sound, half an hour of pretty wild powerviolence. Oh, also I should admit that Canadian bands (almost) always have their own style; they stand out with interesting riffs, drum beats, strange vocal techniques or with sound. But let’s cut this shit off and lets listen to this tape… Hmm… first few tunes reminded me some of Haggus work (I guess it’s because of these very first goofy drum beats), but then everything turns to some mad, dirty and chaotic aggression. I like the whole material, it’s not brilliant but, still interesting. But I don’t like this raw and muddy sound and mastering… many of these songs sound like a mess. Also I can mention classic yelling pv style vocal and those high-frequency screams (they sound strange but good). Simple but nice guitar riffs don’t let you get bored (which is nice). In conclusion I can say, yes this tape is messy and noisy but, you should listen it at least one time. Rating: 7.5/10 Obacha bc

You can order this tape thru Knochentapes (Germany)

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