Ape Unit/Horsebastard

This split was released earlier in 2017, and what an absolute monster it is! Italian simian madness Ape Unit wanted to join forces with the UK’s finest Equestrian blast factory, and boy did they deliver! Just starting with the cover art alone you’re immediately intrigued. Depicting a Half Horse Human Hybrid and a Chimpanzee at a table loaded with drugs,food and booze on a background of psychidelic colors and patterns. On to what we are really here for, the music! Starting with the superbly named Apey side of the split we are greeted with eerie riffs and pounding drums, only to have it shift pace 8 seconds later and turn into a groovy blastbeat party with strange riffs and menacing vocals to top it off. The onslaught only continues from here. With hilarious song titles like Herbalife After Death and, Between the Burger and Me. This raucous group of Ape loving fiends are sure to please! And of course who can forget Horsebastard? Starting up the horsey side we are greeted with a slowed down and distorted recording of what sounds like someone having really bad drug trip and freaking out. And then we get turned on our head and sandpaper crammed in our ears with the blistering fury of a 100 stallions. Delivering punishing blow after punishing blow, Horsebastard are relentless to say the absolute least. And much like their Italian counterparts in this release they feed us some humorous song titles from the intro track Catastrophic Sobriety to the properly fitting Nostrils Engage. They are the complete package for anyone wishing to have their ears put to death.
Rating: 8/10 Ape Unit Horsebastard You can buy this split thru Grey Water Collective

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