En Negacion – s/t (Knochentapes)

Argentina is still an unknown country for me, I’m still not familiar with their scene (shame on me). But it seems that German Knochentapes know that, so they put this tape in the promo package. En Negacion is a bass violence band, they are based in beautiful Buenos Aires. Except the bass and drum players these amigos have 2 free singers (pretty insane huh?). They have been active around 3 or 4 years and in that time they’ve recorded and released a lot of stuff. Today I`ll be listening their self titled work…

First of all I want to say that I really love the way this bass guitar sounds. It sound pretty clear, I mean there is not any distorted mess… It’s heavy and has some punk spirit. Vocals and drums are good too… But the whole material is not catchy, it’s not brilliant but from other side I can’t say that these 4 minutes are bad. This music has all the poverviolence/hardcore standards. It sounds good but, there is nothing new and this work doesn’t stand out from the army of other new pv bands. The last song is a cover song of legendary Crossed Out. And I must admit, this sounds very tight.

Rating: 7/10    En Negacion bc    En Negacion fb
You can order this tape thru Knochentapes

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