Procrastinate – s/t

The end of the year is rich with good releases. Now we have a lot of great grind stuff also doom and sludge albums, so now it’s time for some Crust! For today’s review I picked up a brand new LP from Greek Crusties Procrastinate. This album has a beautiful design but, the main cover art can deceive you. First look at this picture made me think that I’m holding in my hands, some sort of art rock album. It’s hard to guess that this band is playing crust, haha! Also inside of the paper case you will find a huge poster with bird skulls and bones in it. Before starting work on this review, I’ve listened all the previous releases of this band (in order to make a bigger picture in my head). And now I can honestly say that Procrastinate has changed (changed in a good way of course). It starts from the material as a whole (now its become more interesting and melodic) and ends with the sound.
I`m sure that guys worked very hard, so that’s why this album is seriously good. This self titled album is catchy and it has many memorable parts, mostly because of the melodic riffs in almost every single song. Guys managed to create a good atmosphere here, it`s pretty gloomy and dark (Greek bands love to do that sort of thing, it`s like their own brand mark and it could be compared with Swedish style). Also I can say that this album is pretty emotional, its rich with many negative feelimgs such as aggression, melancholy, anger and doom. The songs contain each and every element that would make up the perfect picture of a harsh future and reality. I must notice that all these melodies in this album don’t make it softer. The guitar and bass sounds sharp and retains a sense of brutality. The same can be said about great drummer and singer work. So in the end I can only say that this album is worth a listen.

Rating: 8.5/10    Procrastinate fb    Procrastinate bc 
You can buy this LP directly from the band…

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