Pregnancy – Demo (Grindfather prod)

5 years have passed since this demo was recorded. Damn, 5 years is a long time to wait, but finally this dream came true. This pure slime finally has a physical shell now. Unfortunately Pregnancy was just a side project, back then the guys recorded 5 songs and this project was almost frozen (time to time this band shows signs of life). This 7” looks very badass, it`s seems that all polygraphy was made by some big Xerox, I guess with this look someone (probably the chiefs of labels) wants to save the spirit of old demo tapes. Well they really did that, this simplicity of diy in mix with gore art looks just fantastic!

First of all this record stands out with unnatural heaviness and unlimited primitive brutality. the guys did a great job, that heavy and low sound just crash and melt everything. This small demo reminds me of works from bands such as The Day Everything Became Nothing, CBT and Regurgitate. If I understand it right, they recorded this stuff with double guitar and with really good dense bass; I guess its the main secret of this deadly sound. I like these “tupa tupa” and blast beats, they sound very fast and thrashy. Pitch-shifted sections are there, roaring vomity type vocals are also present. Also, I must take notice notice that this album is very balanced. All instruments are in their places, there is nothing superfluous here. For me it`s one of the best gore releases for 2017/2013. And these damn noises deserve to be released on vinyl.

Rating: 9/10    Pregnancy fb    Pregnancy bc 

You can get this EP at Grindfather prod! 

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