Gourmet – The Blast Supper (Grindfather prod)

Canada has produced many great bands. Probably all of you know Mesrine, Dahmer, Archagathus, Mass Grave… Well here is new fresh blood! Meet Gourmet! They just released their debut work but, they have many freaky fans already. The core of this band is Ripley (the man behind guitar noises) and Leslie (the lady behind drum beats), plus they had a special ugly man; Joe (Meatus/Archagathus and so on) who did the vocals. So “The Blast Supper” was released by Grindfather Productions, like pro-tape and this small smelly piece has very interesting cover art. Here you can see a pan in which they cook human remains. This is nice,funny, cannibalistic humor. By the way while during live performances Joe puts on a chef suit (that guy knows how to make a good atmosphere at a gig, haha).
I guess that Gourmet are big Arhagathus fans, because they sound pretty similar. These noises can be describe with words like; noisy, goofy, vomity and of course silly. But that doesn’t mean that this tape sucks, not at all! This mince punk has many catchy riffs and tunes. This stupid simplicity makes you dance and it brings a stupid smile to your face, haha! Of course I can’t say that this record is brilliant, but I had fun during listening to this tape. By the way all these songs were recorded and mastered by Dan Ryckman (Archagathus).

Rating: 7.5/10   Contacts: ripzone_21@hotmail.com
Go and buy this tape at Grindfather prod!

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