Tsubo – Disdegno (No Bread!)

Any person who has been keeping track of the happenings in the Italian grind scene in the past few years, will know about Tsubo. In case you didn’t, Tsubo is a 4 piece grindcore (mostly grindcore) band hailing from Latina, Italy. They have been active in the scene for about a decade (or even more) and now they shoot a new EP into the face of the underground.
I will be honest, their last album disappointed me. There was a lot of brutal/metal/etc pieces and that pushed me away (that album was really not my cup of tea). For some time I lost interest in Tsubo, but one time my friend told me that the new EP is a real fire. I was pretty surprised but back then I still had the doubts. Hmmm… these first notes, riffs, beats just like a good punch! These Italian grinders surprised me. This “Disdegno” is strong and dynamic; also the 4 songs have a ton of aggression (which is really great). Except grindcore I find here a lot of death metal (that especially feels present in guitar traits) and punk. The whole EP sounds like one unit there is no side A or B. Tsubo managed to create a great grind/metal sound which fits so perfectly for their noise. And in the end I would like to highlight the song “Psicoguerra” for their fantastic space ending (these tunes warm up my heart, haha).

Rating: 8/10    Tsubo bc    Tsubo fb  
In case if you want to order this EP. Just shoot your orders to this email address: nobread@mail.ru 

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