Organ Dealer – Visceral Infection European Tour (Rat Mix Records)

Tour stuff is always something special (in my opinion of course), bands trying to prepare themselves for the long road and take everything with them. Sometimes bands (and labels) make special editions of their old releases (for these trips). So when Organ Dealer visited Europe for the last time, Rat Mix Rec made a bunch of tapes for them. This tape is just a re-issue of their Visceral Infection album (with distorted old art) plus this tape has a small bonus, both songs off their Insomnia Chamber EP.
I listened to this album very attentively and I must say that Organ Dear covered many genres in their music. I guess the main base here is extreme metal and then grindcore and hardcore. These dudes sounds pretty modern (can’t say that I`m a big fan of that kind of sound), all is maximum clear and the whole sound is very sharp. Unlike many of other new acts in underground, O.D. sounds very technically, especially in the guitar and in drums. I also must admit that these musicians are pretty skillful, they perfectly cope with speed riffs, tempos and with high speed blast beats. But unfortunately I cant say that this album caught me. I was bored somewhere near the middle of the album. But I`m pretty sure that fans of Antigama, Rotten Sound or late Nasum will appreciate this tape.

Rating: 7/10      Organ Dealer fb
You can buy this tape at Rat Mix Records!

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