Bile – Bloodshed (Grindfather prod)

Friday the 13, it`s very interesting and creepy day, also it`s a good time to write a thematic review. And yes I chose a very good bloody tape for this day. Old great Bile will be playing loud today, this tape will make my neighbours suffer, haha! We all know this band Skullhog right now, but I believe that ancient period when they were Bile, is very important for the Netherlands scene. Well “Bloodshed” is a combination of two albums, these albums were sold out a long time ago and so this tape is a great chance to get some slimy noises for your collection. If you`re a horror movies fan then you will definitely fall in love with this art work. Gorgeous shack, creepy dark forest and of course there is Jason Voorhes … Damn this art is simply rad! But this release is catchy not only with visual side, believe me, the noises which are inside will satisfy your dark wishes. Like any horror album Bloodshed starts with gloomy intro (which was taken from old movie), and of course during the whole album you will hear many samples from cult horror movies (Friday 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and many more). The “Saw” side brings to us great death/gore tunes. Each song is a separate story about different disgusting, nasty and dreadful things. Each of these tracks are filled with good guitar riffs and good old school sound. The pitch shifted vocals sound are in the best goregrind traditions, it`s loud it`s disgusting and it`s smells like vomit. I especially like the drums they have without any modern effects, they have sound like in the best of the old times. Except fast killer parts this side has slow pieces, here it is especially noticeable a monstrous bass guitar sound. The “Axe” side contains the same lovely guitar, bass and drum madness. It also has some doom atmosphere (in slow moments) but this side has a little bit worse sound, it`s not as juicy as the “Saw” side. I really don’t know what to write anymore. This tape is a great soundtrack for this gloomy day and it will be a great choice for Halloween night too! Rating: 8.5/10 Skullhog/Bile

You can buy this tape and more at Grindfather prod!

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