Warthog – Exercise in Bad Taste (No Bread Records)

Some of my friend said that Warthog is the greatest (nowadays of course) Grind band in all of Russia. So that encouraged me to check this fact and write some words about their new tape “Exercise in Bad Taste”. Under this title are hiding 8 Grind songs (Sosed,Hey, Archgoat!, Listopad / Opyt Kresta, Hey,Verka! / Kontuziya,Heavy Metal Bez Usov / Chelovek-Flamingo / Basseiny Vmesto Hramov, Stenchcore Runner / Possibility Of Life’s Destruction (Discharge cover), Divine, Skuka / Shawehrmacht). All of these songs are wrapped up in a pretty dark cover. This dead hand which is sliced, it looks pretty spooky. So first of all I must say that I didn’t expect anything superblastingholylord cool (for me it was just another raw tape) about this record but in fact it had been a whole shitload better than I had thought… 

This crazy duo kicked my ass pretty painfully, hahaha! Warthog found their own way in mixing old riffs, rhythms and raw energy. They have tamed the simplicity and turned it into good understandable noise structures. The production of this album is definitely a bit raw and muddy, but everything can be heard very clearly (especially Sasha`s raw blasting). I like that grooving distorted guitar sound and spiteful snarled screaming vocals. Mostly these riffs are simple and thrashy grind/mince riffs with no technical trickery on the guitar (which is the best). 

 Rating: 8/10    Warthog bc

You can order this tape thru nobread@mail.ru

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