Gorgonized Dorks – S/T (Rotova Porojnina rec)

It was quite a while ago when we wrote something about nasty noise bands, so let’s fix that! Today’s band is legendary noise duo Gorgonized Dorks! Over the decades these guys created and recorded so many different things, some of them were good some were not… But the main and best thing in this band (of course in my opinion) is the fact that these crazy fuckers always try to create something new. And it applies to this cassette too. Here is a massive wall of noise. No, here you will find many slow, space and other noises. Everything starts with adorable lovely slow melodies with some interesting noise pieces (ala space noise) and then it turns into ugly Noisecore blasts. The first few songs are rich on rhythm changes, this untitled record sounds pretty wild. Also I noticed that some of these songs have a pretty hypnotic effect, they have an atmosphere of the looney bin and that is fucking crazy, haha! In total we have here about 14 minutes of good and unboring noise. This tape is strongly recommended to all noise freaks!
And few words about tape cover. Just look at this guy, I`m pretty sure that is Ben (drums), in this picture he really looks like some old Soviet dictator, hehe! 😉
Rating:7.5/10 Gorgonized Dorks fb

You can buy this tape HERE!

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