Disgorgement Of Intestinal Lymphatic Suppuration – Long Live The New Flesh! (Uterus Productions)

I found this CD in a big pack from the Italian Gore label and I really can’t say that I was not excited to have it. I never much liked this band, but anyway I will try to write with maximum honesty (without any prejudice) words about this album. If I remember right this French project consist of only one person. The guy tagged his music as Goregrind, but it sound more like primitive black metal. Honestly just listen the first track… I’m pretty sure that he is trying to create something close to the creativity of Llymphatic Phlegm, but, in my opinion, he failed. Also I`m sure that this project has many fans, but I didn’t find anything interesting here. Thentunes are boring (however the first few riffs in 3rd songs were nice) and these strange distorted vocal are one of the worst kind of vocals I’ve heard. And then, theres the sound of the drum machine, very annoying. Oh, almost forgot here is one thing that I liked… Its different samples (music or from films) they are really good. So as you can see “Long Live The New Flesh! “ is not the best way to spend your time my dear boys and girls… Rating: 3/10

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