Weedeous Mincer ‎– Brain Devoured By Mincegore

Oh boy, the Mincegore plague poisoned Russia so quickly… Here is another new name for me, “Weedeous Mincer”. Hm, very stupid name but anyway lets dig into this record. For cover our weedeaters used a photo which depicts a Russian cop who`s breaking the law, hahah (I must admit this is a very funny and stupid picture) Also this squad consists of only two (stoned) members and this band is based in Saint Petersburg… Okay, now let’s dig into these strange noises These tunes were recorded by Farsh and Kisel (Cystoblastosis/ Camphora Monobromata etc.) in cold 2016… All 9 songs are not serious at all they are full of stupid fun and good swing rhythms. Despite the fact that all the songs are built on a pair of riffs, this simplicity is pretty nice and sometimes this raw shit can be catchy. Kisel is yelling about weed, alcohol, different morons and other unusual stuff (which surrounds us). I really like how raw and heavy the guitar sound is. Stupid kinds of singing (especially in song “Can’t Live Without Weed”) makes this noise really better. But before you will put this tape into your deck, remember this recording was made just for fun. Rating: 7.5/10 Weedeous Mincer bc

If you want to buy this tape, then just shoot your order to: nobread@mail.ru

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