Malignant Tumour / Squash Bowels (Fat Ass records)

Be careful kids because today we will open an old bag full of pale and ugly maggots. And this year it turns (no fucking way!) 20 years old! So I carefully put the reissue of the MT/SB split, on my turntable. And I must admit that this white color (the color of hospital a ward) is damn good. The whole new design is badass, I mean that all the visuals are reborn in new high quality skin. Front art with a pathological theme reminds me something from Carcass works. This dirty autopsy table, sharp scalpel and the hand of a dead woman… Man, all of this looks so old and nice.
When the MT side started to play I felt some kind of nostalgia. Because these songs are from long ago, when MT played dirty goregrind. The guys opened their side with a cover of Dead Infection (strange choice for the first song, but anyway it sounds good). These songs are full of nasty and noisy sound of guitar and moldy bass (this stuff is especially good for Agathocles covers). And that dull sound of drums… Fuck yes! This old atmosphere can strangle you with it`s crazy heaviness. Also I can’t avoid talkimg about those low pitch shifted vocals (it`s so yum-yum). I`m pretty sure that everything I listed above will make you want to vomit, ahhaha!
Squash Bowels is so heavy, oh boy… But this intro, it surprised me a lot (when I heard this split the first time), guys used sound from the Jurassic Park scene (that part where T-Rex is trying to get the children from the shitty car), surprising funny start. But, actually they do sound like one huge ugly and massive dinosaur haha. Polish butchers really know how to get big bloody noise pieces from their instruments. And it`s very sad that they are split up. Personally I like this side a little bit more than the MT side. SB managed to record something fast, heavy, low and disgusting. Between slimy grind riffs you may find many hints of death metal (good old death metal) I guess this is what makes this material sound so dense. Of course a lot of distorted roars and screams make this record even more ugly!
Rating: 8/10 Malignant Tumour Squash Bowels

You can order this LP thru Fat Ass records!

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