Blood ‎– Dysangelium (Fudgeworthy Records)

There is no doubt that Blood is legendary and very old. They are loved and respected by many, and Blood has esrned the status of an iconic band. I was very happy when my postman brought me a new parcel with promos from Fudgeworthy Records. There I found their fifth album Dysangelium . Also this edition was released as a picturedisk vinyl (and I must admit it looks very rad). This art with distorted religious themes has an apparent atmosphere of gloom and majesty. Blood are a band that knows how to write songs that are heavy as fuck, catchy and have destructive power (Despite its simple structure and average pace). But let`s talk a little bit about out album… “Blood Pulsation” opens the album with very dark and gloomy energy (this intro is so atmospheric, especially the part with woman singing). It’s like the soundtrack to a really bad day, a funeral day for all humanity. “Adrenaline” starts a crashing part of this release it`s like a hammer painfully smashing your head. This band strikes riff after riff into the listener’s mind… Every track done in true old school style. Every song is like wave after wave of heavy distortion and crushing doom. I really enjoyed this old moldy sound, heavy bass and these clean (I mean without any triggers) blast beats. The screams and roars sound so evil and nasty and sharp guitar riffs just cutting piece after piece from your flesh. So if you`re in the mood for something heavy and old, this records will be your best choice! Rating: 8/10 Blood fb Official site

You can order this LP thru Fudgeworthy Records!

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