Precocious Gargling Audacity (4-way split)

About a year ago Choothar Tapes started to release these kind of splits. To date, they have released 5 splits in this series (they are united by a similar design and also Nasty Face is on each of these tapes). So for this noise journey we will start with this yellow (like piss) 4-way split which was released in the middle of last summer. This mess starts with good low vomit tunes from French Grossel. These bastards found their own way to curb raw primitive rhythms and sounds. These songs are full of groove and fun tunes and energy. I especially like the guitar sound… It’s so low, dense and heavy. Ugly distorted roars, raw blast beats… and moldy sound. This band sets a good pace for this release. Nasty Face is up next. If you`re trying to find good Gore stuff (which sounds like in the old days) then your search is over. Chainsaw guitars mix with vomit yelling give birth to something dirty and nasty. Also I really like the raw and barbaric sound of the blast beats. But this noise mess consists not only of Goregrind madness. I feel a big influence of Death Metal (especially in the guitar riffs). Next is something pretty weird, something from the tomb of the British island. Chinsniffer are playing very crazy mix of grindcore, hardcore, noise with addition of some chaotic tunes. These guys surprised me, I did not expect to hear something like this, haha! Here there are chaotic riffs, sharp tones, powerful tempos and good sound. An endless stream of furious energy… This thing will make you jump. But unfortunately these guys only recorded 2 songs for this tape (what a shame)… And this split ends with Bloodsnorter. I must admit that this is a really nice way to end this story which is called Precocious Gargling Audacity. These bastards birthed 9 loud and crazy songs for this release. This fast mess reminds me of tunes from Brutal Blues (or Parlamentarisk Sodomi which is almost the same). I guess the main point here is chaotic speed, guys are breaking the pace all the time. They use all attributes: Speed, simple riffs, nice blast beats, a few different kinds of vocals and then they put it all together in musical equivalent of a famous Lewis Carroll story. Rating: 8/10

You can order or listen this tape HERE!

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