Dehumanized Earth / Dis-eased (Outrageous Defecation Records)

As many of you know the Crust scene in Canada is pretty large. There are a lot of great bands, but not many of these are more or less famous. So today we will try to examine in detail and dissect this split. Let’s start with a small introduction… Both of them are from Quebec City and both of them are suffering (in the case of Dis-eased – suffered, because the band split up 10 years ago) from crust punk disease. Small and unnecessary fact: some of the guys from Dehumanized Earth also played in Septicémie (one more unknown name) and boys from Dis-eased played (and still play) in Mesrine. Everything starts here with “Arnaque Légal”. Classic d-beat parts, raw sound, ugly yelling and some riffs (I noticed here a lot of metal riffs as well). Unfortunately this DxEx material is not memorable at all (especially in comparison with their Fausses Croyances ‎album). But, these 4 songs are not so bad… They have some punk spirit and groovy punk rhythms. But, I didn’t feel their premium dark and suffering atmosphere here. I didn’t feel depression and pain (like on their split with Global Holocaust) in these noises. It`s definitely not the best stuff from this band. And now let’s switch to Dis-eased. Unfortunately these guys recorded only two songs for this split, but these tracks are rad! Both songs are rich with great thick guitar sound, sweet solos (especially in “Inside Deep”), aggressive screaming and roaring. I can say the same about the bass and drums parts. It`s seems like this concentration of d-beat and riffs can explode at any second! Both songs exude a big load good and powerful punk energy, and I feel a little sorry that this band doesn’t play anymore.

Rating: Dehumanized Earth – 7/10 Dis-eased – 8/10

You can order this split HERE!

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