Grindbull – Fuck Humanity Respect Your Dog

Hm… it’s hard to expect something really interesting from a band with such fun name. But luckily I was fucking wrong. This Greek duo has great potential, not sure if this is their first work (which was released in physical format), but this small tape rips. Of course I can’t say that this is a release of the year, but hey give them a chance. This stuff has nice grinding sound and their record is not too raw (It feels like these guys tried to do it in the best way). Except spicy, buzzing and low guitar noises and riffs this small cassette has a lot of fun energy. Like in most grindcore bands, the guys from Grindbull use painful social themes in their lyrics (protest, surviving, human stupidity etc). I love these heavy groovy tempos, they swing my brains. Also I like that old school style of singing (like for grindcore of course), there are only loud yelling and nothing more. I guess that simplicity is the best and pretty main thing in grindcore. And in the end I want to say few words about this lovely cover. I don’t know who chose this photo for the front cover but this idea is great! Cute little girl and big muscular dog, this picture looks so beautiful, hehe. And also this visual part totally coincides for this EP name. Rating: 7.5/ Grindbull fb

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