X-Torsion – Do It Your Hell (Sengaja Records)

X-Torsion is a very nice band which is based in Barcelona,Spain. Their previous album Odio Eterno was really nice, but it has been a couple of years since that album was released, and now our Spanish friends are back to treat us with a new and badass album. That new album will fill your heart up with a nasty punk groove and with a lot of crushing grind outbursts. Like in previous things the cover art for this album has the same style. This cover seems to me like a piece of a cartoon or something like that. It`s lovely and no too serious… Hard to imagine what is hidden under that art. When I started to listen to this album I couldn’t avoid the fact that X-Torsion did some small but good changes. The first noticeable change is hidden in song structures. These songs became more brutal, with more grindcore aggression and primitiveness. Loud blast beats, angry vocals and short guitar riffs. The second pleasant accentuation is about great melodic guitar solos and riffs (like in songs such as Contaminacion and Anulacion De La Vida). This crust/hardcore/grind madness has a very cool balance. These songs are not boring, some of them are short and fast (they sounds more like grindcore), some have a great punk spirit (which can drive you crazy) and of course theres some songs with dark and beautiful melodies. I guess many of the crust/grind fans will deeply dig into this album, because you deserve for it. Rating: 8.5/10 X Torsion bc X Torsion fb

Buy this stuff at Sengaja records!

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