Cystoblastosis (24.08.17)

Hi, boys and girls! How’re you doing? Having some rest after tiresome daily activities?)
Hi! We are great, but I have too much work so it’s almost impossible to relax, in any case, thanks for asking!
Olga, how did this happen that you become acquainted with goregrind? All those intestines, low raw sound and pitched ferocious vocals… Woman in goregrind band is a pretty rare thing, you know))
Oh yes, I know. Medical theme attracted me from the childhood and I dreamed of being a doctor, but later I changed the decision and began to study in another sphere. Most likely this influenced the formation my tastes in the future and my interest has not diminished. And so, altogether I have always been attracted to extreme styles of music.

So finally this has happened – your first album. Tell us about it a bit more. What, where, when?)
We recorded it early 2016, it was released at Old Grindered Days Recs, GoreGrindNoise Records, Cemiterio Records, and it includes 32 tracks.
As we can see, you played or still playing in different bands, so here’s the question: you planned Cystoblastosis to be a full-time band, or is it more like a side-project?
For me it was the first experience and it happened quite accidently, but I took it seriously, as well as I do now. Now this is my main band.
What about live shows? Do you plan to get a bit farther than Russia and blast the shit out of Europe with your music?
Of course, we have a lot of plans. We started planning our tour to the US but now we have to postpone our plans because of some unforeseen circumstances that happened recently. But we still hope it will be possible and surely we want to make the shows in other countries too.
I would like to notice that you’re very active band, I’m even kinda jealous 😉 So next question is: what do you plan to release next?
We planned new t-shirts, a lot splits and solo EP!
You also have a small label called Thoracopagus Rec. Could you tell us more about it? Is it hard to play in a band, manage a label and keep in touch with your relatives and friends at the same time?
Sometimes it’s difficult, but for me it’s very interesting, so I’m ready to find the time to do it!
And I have some plans for the nearest future too!
T-shirts Cystoblastosis (full colored), THANATOPSIS (dark red and black t-shirts), official merch Lymphatic Phlegm!
Releases: Raw Addict  tape version, Histopathologic Examination – Assorted Collection Of Gore Demos (compilation) CDr , Meatus \ Ulcerated Offal – split tape  and I’ll plane release some Squalid and Bobby Maggard’s projects.
We just saw a mincecore wave few years ago. Almost on every continent you could’ve heard more of this infectious beast, even on post-Soviet land. What can you say about it? What bands in Russia you could highlight as a prime example of this genre?
For now my favorite band in this genre is Warthog, but here there are a lot of very cool mince bands such as Sram, J.M. Churchill, Acelerada Rechazo, Terminator 666, Camphora Monobromata and a lot more.
It’s pretty obvious that it’s never easy to begin your path as a goregrind band. How hard was it to find the exact sound throughout the experimenting with instruments and pedals?
For me it was not easy, because people around me don’t use pitch-shifter. But after some experiments I got the sound that I needed hahaha. Anyway this is not the end and I need to work on it more for sure.
Okay, now let’s talk about something truly terrifying and soul crushing. What was the worst thing you experienced while using the Russian post services?
When it took 9 months for the pack to reach Guatemala! There were some problems with snail mail. But in the end this came and even I was paid a compensation .. Although after the compensation it is difficult to call it a negative experience haha.
The best and the worst goregrind band you ever heard and why?
I can’t judge it. If I don’t like music, I don’t need to remember the name of the band, that’s all. The best band for me it’s Lymphatic Phlegm!
A question you probably expected. Olga, can you cook borsch?)
Sure I can haha! I’ve been working as a cook for a long time and my specialty is directly connected with food. Therefore, I can’t but be able to do borsch.
Ok, we’re done here, won’t be excruciating you much longer, hehe) Thank you so much for this interview, I hope to see you soon with a gig in my hometown 😉

We are waiting for your invitations and then we’ll come to you when it will be possible! Thanks for the interview! Bye-Bye.

Band contacts:  Cystoblastosis fb    Cystoblastosis bc

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