Meat Spreader ‎– Excessive Consumption Of Human Flesh

So they`re back… Old Polish legends gathered together and made something very interesting, something nasty and brutal. Just look at these names: Bass – Artur (ex-Squash Bowels); Guitar – Tocha (ex-Dead Infection); Drums – Radek (Neuropathia) and Voice – Jaro (ex-Dead Infection). So as you’ll understand these guys know how to play grind. My postman brought me a parcel with the vinyl variant of this split (which was released by Fat Ass records). This one side bomb contains only 5 songs (it may not be much, but it`s only their first demo). And they are very tasty especially for fans of old grind. The riffs are memorable and in some songs like “Hectic Razor Cut” can drive you crazy. Although this record is raw I really enjoy the whole sound. Jaros voice became even more low, his vomiting style of singing is very recognizable the same can be said about Tochas guitar riffs. Rhythm section aims to suffocate listeners with good beats and thick bass vibrations. Meat Spreader like a big, heavy and ugly beast which roars can scare all grind hipsters, haha!). Personally, the effect that this record has on me was that it makes me want to get up and crash everything with all the energy in my body. It is a damn fun record with great and powerful tracks. So guys if you prefer some no nonsense, old school and heavy as fuck goregrind, you will not be disappointed with “Excessive Consumption Of Human Flesh”! Rating: 8.5/10 Meat Spreader

You can support this band and buy this LP thru Fat Ass records!

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