VAVA – demo 2017 (Rotova Porojnina Records)

I got this tape from the Rotova Porojnina Records Cihef. This raw and short piece of noise was his first release. So let’s see what we got here. So if I understand everything right VAVA is a solo project from the drummer of Malad. First of all I must draw your attention to the fact that it is very primitive stuff. And I can say that after listening to this tape I remain a fan. The art of this tape is pretty nice, this primitive picture reminds me of some old soviet cartoons. VAVA consists only of drums and screams. This 6 minutes were recorded in someones garage so everything here is very raw. All songs are short, fast and messy. I didn’t hear anything special but I like the drum reverberation. Some of the songs sound like quick shots some of them sound pretty stupid (crazy stupid yelling is not my favorite sorry). In general this release is very mediocre. Rating: 6/10

Label contact:

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