Gore ‎– Consumed By Slow Decay

Okay folks no jokes this time. Today we have a really legendary album from old Brazilian gore masters. Originally this album was released more than 20 years ago, but “Consumed By Slow Decay” is still very strong and good. This piece of rot was re-released a few times, I hold in my hands the CD version which was pressed in 2016. This re-press has an old cover, a bunch of old and new band photos and new sound. These noises were remastered by Glésio Torres (Old Grindered Days Recs). The whole material has no super extreme speed and ultraviolent drum technic. This album is just another good example of old style goregrind. But I must admit that with new sound, this ugly album is much more interesting. Now a wall of brutal sound (which is created by a combination of guitar and bass) has a little bit deeper and low tone. Pichshifted roars sound more dreadful. But it doesn’t mean that with new sound this album lost it’s atmosphere. NO! NO! NO! This album is still full of pale maggots and mold smell. So if you are interested in history of Gore music then you definitely need to check out Consumed By Slow Decay! Rating: 8/10 Gore fb

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