Cystgurgle (15.08.17)

Hey Polwach, thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to do this interview with Good Guys Go Grind.
What’s up Shawn/GGGG. My pleasures man. Go for it.
Some of us are curious, what was it exactly that peaked your interest about drumming?
Well, I started listening to rock and extreme music when I was like 13-14 and the drums attracted me the most. From that point I started to learn drumming. I remembered when I first listened to Diabolis Interium by Dark Funeral and was amazed on how fast that shit was.

So what can you tell us about the story of Cystgurgle?
Sure mate, before I formed this shitty band I was always interested in playing some nasty goregrind with totally pitchshifted vomitflux. I then asked Twish (which was already in grindcore act Masochist) to form a band like this, that was in January 2012. I came up with the band name and we all agreed on it. Then we started recording shit. Simple story huh?
Can you enlighten myself and the audience with insight to your writing process for lyrics and song titles?
We write no lyrics. Everything you hear vocal wise is pure improvisational gutturals on pithshifted effects. Song titles: I open a medical dictionary I bought cheap from a book store then begin composing some fucked up titles. I always try to come up with insane and sometimes abstract ones.
What gear do you use? Sticks,cymbals,heads,etc.
For Cystgurgle, I currently use a TAMA speed cobra double pedal, an 8” CMC micro snare, for sticks; I just use the cheapest 7A sticks I can find.
Do you play for any other bands? If so what bands and what genres?
Smallpox Aroma – grindcore/goregrind
A Good Day For Killing – brutal death metal
Ecchymosis – brutal death metal
Biomorphic Engulfment – brutal death metal
Parapsychosis – grindcore
Epiploenterocele Pusliquid Wormchunk – gorenoise
Gonococcus – gorenoise
๛ (Komootra) – dark ambient/noise/drone/field recording
Chamber of Tapeworms – harsh noise/HNW
Defamation – death/black metal
Auddukorn Auswhad – drone/funeral doom/black metal
What are some of your major influences for this band?
Last Days of Humanity, Cock and Ball Torture, GUT, Rompeprop, Methadone Abortion Clinic, Biological Monstrosity, Embryonic Cryptopathia, Plasma, Satan’s Revenge on Mankind, Tu Carne, Die Pigeon Die, The Day Everything Became Nothing, Vomitoma, and more I can’t list them all.
What do you guys have going on in the future, any plans for live shows?
These are the upcoming releases we plan for now:
– Split with Fiend (tba)
– 5way split with Sulsa, Inopexia, Pyosis and Cephalophore (Ulcerated Flesh Records, tba)
– Split with Metastasis (Campaign for Musical Destruction, tba)
– Split with Vomitoma (Cadaveric Dissolution Records, 2017)
– Split with CxBxFxIxHxFxLxFxRxE (self-released, 2017)
We will have a live show locally near the end of this month (August 2017). We also plan to tour aboard. Will see.
Also, what is the music scene like in your country?
I will put an emphasis on grindcore/goregrind scene only. It’s very small, we play in small venues, small but warm you know? Same guys organizing and coming to the shows. New bands and projects are here and there but they are from the same guys. But it’s a yes if you ask me whether I’m satisfied with what is going currently or not.
Are you more a fan of Groovy Goregrind or the Straightforward Old School style of Goregrind?
I used to be more a fan of the first one but now I’m more a fan of the latter. Both are enjoyable if done right tho.
In your personal opinion what are your top 5 favorite bands in Goregrind?
Last Days of Humanity (of course), Biological Monstrosity, Active Stenosis, Inopexia, Pulmonary Fibrosis. Tons more but if you let me choose only 5 then yea.
Well, thanks again for doing this interview. If there’s any last words you’d like to put in here please by all means be my guest.
Thanks to you as well man. GGGG rules. Search Cystgurgle on Facebook to get updated on us. Devour a lot of pitchshifted vomitflux and pingy snare blastbeats.
Contacts: Cystgurgle fb

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