Matka Teresa / Multinational Corporations

One of the main things in the underground Grind scene is a multicountry friendship. Just look at this small and short split from two bands, who live in two countries on two different sides of our rotten globe. By the way this lathe cut split is limited to only 60 copies (so act fast if you want one for your collection) and this stuff was released in collaboration of 3 label (UK, Netherlands and Russia). But let’s end with introductions and let’s dig into this noise. From visual side this 5” has a pretty interesting cover. The cover contains so much pains, shit I almost feel the pain of that burning person. Brrr that is really creepy. And now it’s time for the noise. I want to start with the Multinational Corporations side. Their song has a name Jihad (Holy War, if I remember it right). I haven’t heard anything new from this Pakistan duo in a while. The main elements in this track are grindcore and crustpunk. Jihad has a pretty simple structure and a little bit raw sound, but also this sharp song has great tempos. Punk groove and grind blasting, both of these things create a good noise juice which perfectly quenches music thirst. Seems that this song from my Netherlands friends (which is called Fuck This World This Is Hell) was recorded in their rehearsal room in 1 act. This stuff is too raw and noisy and I can’t say that I like this one. I`m pretty sure that this song was taken from the MT archive, but anyway we got what we got. Yelling, fast and full of aggression, “Fuck This World This Is Hell” might be good but that unmixed raw sound destroyed everything. MC – 7 MT – 6 Multinational Corporations fb

if you want to buy this split or you want say “hello” to Matka Teresa then send your message to:

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