Blood – Impulse To Destroy – Live At Obscene Extreme 2015 (Noise Not War Records)

Back in 2015 Obscene Extreme had a lot of good (or not so good, haha) bands. During these black days legendary German bombers Blood have also played. Their set was recorded and now I hold the result of it in my hands, a small one but, quite disgusting cassette. The most interesting thing about this live recording is that the guys have played the best hits from their debut album, Impulse To Destroy. No matter that these guys’ heads are gray-haired now but they play just like 20 years ago, with that wild and angry energy! I’ve heard a lot of live recordings and this is not of the greatest quality, but I hear the live energy and the feedback of the venue. The songs strike into listeners one after another and make them mosh under the scene. Blood just press the listener into a bloody omelet with their low and filthy sound. I am certain enough that this was true madness to all the fans of old school…and the guys in ACxDC and Magrudergrind T-shirts just stood aside with no idea why all these people mosh like it’s the last days of their lifes, ahahaha!

The other side of this modest release is the front art. The author is a good artist, Pierre from Braindead zine/Blue Holocaust. This guy feels the true dark atmosphere of that times’ underground scene and old times of grind and put it into the art. If you look attentively at the picture, you’ll see that this skull is pierced with a sword which is held by a living corpse on the original artwork of Impulse To Destroy.
Rating: 8/10 Blood fb

Ask for a copy at Noise Not War Records!

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