Global Holocaust / Dehumanized Earth

Here is a raw and noisy crust split from one cold and brutal country. These Canadians are pretty famous inside their land (especially Global Holocaust which started in 89). Both of them did some hiatus and both are active now. The bands dedicated their covers for war problems. Global Holocaust chose a picture from old war in Korea and Dehumanized Earth take a photo from some war act in Africa (sorry but I don’t know exactly this picture is from). This split starts with good punch from GxHx! Guys play pretty aggressive and fast. Minimum amount of melodies and maximum amount of d beat and crazy yelling. There are only two songs, but they rich with nice crashing riffs and nuclear energy. I especially like the second song which is called “Consumed”. That one is so full of great slime punk stench and crazy fun! And now let’s switch to the second side. Dehumanized Earth is a band who are based in St-Hyacinthe city (Quebec). Their music stands out on this split with a pretty dark atmosphere. Their songs have a lot of d beat moments too, but their riffs are lower… I really can say that their songs have a positive energy. Hm… These songs cause more serious emotions in my mind. It`s seems like I almost feel all the dreadful pain from which they consist of. This one is strong work, but that atmosphere is so heavy (I don’t knows what frequencies DxEx use to, but these 4 tracks impress)… Rating: 7.5 Global Holocaust Dehumanized Earth

You can buy this split thru Outrageous Defecation records!

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