Noise – Demo Tapes 1991-1995 LP (SPHC)

I`m sure that many of tje noise freaks were very excited when they heard news about this release. This LP is like one old time bomb which contains some pretty rare stuff (here you may find the first 5 demo tape of Noise the band). These tapes were released at the beginning of 90’s , all of them were made in a totally diy way (self-recorded and self-released). Well in my opinion those early years were the dawn for many of the extreme and harsh genres, whether metal or noise, punk or grind. By the way one of the most active epicenters of the Noise infection was Brazil… 25 years ago there were a lot of great (unfortunately most of them pretty unknown) and powerful Noisecore bands. The Noise band (which is still alive) were especially good. I really like these short songs, they are simple, they are loud but not ugly and stupid at all… They immerse you into the atmosphere of underground madness. It’s like I opened my own eyes and found myself in a painted old cellar, where among old car tires and mold are standing old musical equipment and guys are making some noises. Their noises are replete with aggressive energy and insanity. Bright drumming, raw guitar sounds (which are like one big dirty mess) and also those endless streams of screams and yelling. Strange but, all this obscurity has no boring effect, you will want to listen to this stuff again and again. And for the very end, here is few words about the technical side of this discography. All records were remastered, I think it’s some kind of miracle that we managed to keep these records. The design of this LP is consistent of many old band photos and of demo tape covers (so everything looks very old). Rating: 8/10

You can buy this LP at SPHC records!

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