Sedem Minút Strachu / Paranoia (SSGC)

Finally I got this rare split (only 40 copies were made!) This yellow cassette definitely was made by barbarians for barbarians, hahaha! Joint work of these two bands, give birth to this extremely mad release. And today we are daring enough to listen this tape. From SMS side we have almost 5 minutes of good stoned noisecore. Slovakian trio act short, fast and dirty (like always, haha). And of course they perfectly know how to drill noise into people minds. Barked vocal work sounds ferocious, screams, yelling, roars… of course that shit is pretty foolish and full of fun but also it sound goods and cool. Violent rhythms, filthy blastbeats and tons of low bass guitar noises. These incomprehensible low frequencies will slowly destroy your mind… Unfortunately I can’t say that this is a record of the ages for SMS, this material is definitely crazy, but not too brilliant.
Paranoia are an old crust/grind band which is based in Bandung (it`s in indonesia)… It’s a rather old band and I’ve heard their stuff before and I cant say that I liked them too much. Middle tempo grind with strong punk line and dirty raw sound thats how they sound. But this recording session is something different, this is crazy raw noisecore. Their side full of improvisation and ferocity, mst of the songs sound pretty mudddy but among these blasting shots I find a good punk kick. Honestly to say for me it’s the best that I’ve heard from these guys.
Rating: SMS 7/10 Paranoia 7.5/10

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