Rageous Intent – Grindcore Compilation 2012 – 2016

Rageous Intent is a very powerful band. This name is not new anymore, RxIx became famous for their brutal grind. They are invited to many festivals, and also they have good recording activity. So I guess that is the main reason why this release happened. Grindfather Productions & Encinta Grrr!!! put out this tape af all RxIx Material… Here you will find songs from the splits with Horsebastard, Greed, Alea Iacta Est, Crisischrist and Final Cunt. Visual side is just a collage combination of all their cover art they have and used (a simple idea but it looks nice). I must admit, these Spanish bastards know how to infect the listener’s mind with their music. Short buzzsaw grind riffs easily penetrate their way through the skull and then melt the brain. Harsh yelling vocals and fast blasting drums are soaking into the mind of the listener, subjugating him and turning it into faith of noise! In these songs I find some trace elements from crust, fastcore and some death metal and these things make RxIx more powerful. This is one of the important things that makes many of these songs memorable. Many of you will agree with me, that memorable music is pretty rare for our time (and it`s pretty bad). Rating: 8.5/10 Rageous Intent fb

You can buy this tape at Grindfather prod!

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