PowerXchuck / XabruptX

Fresh split, fresh review and one more noise attack for my neighbor, haha! This time it`s interesting fruit of friendship between PowerXchuck and XabruptX. Shit I’m almost sure that the author of this rad art is a big fan of the Alien movie and also he likes to smoke too. The mix of these two things you can see on the cover of this split. Noise creature from space, that is funny, weird and also looks cool 😉
First in line are PowerXchuck from sunny Australia. I know these guys wanted to make something ridiculous for this split.. For example stupid applause after every song. Guys did not invent anything new, the songs are short, yelling is loud… as for guitar, the riffs are nice (but they are not a good as the ones on their first release, for me this one is the worse their stuff), and the whole sound is a little bit dry. Unfortunately this time these guys are not my favorites for today…
Second in line are the duo from Chicago. If I understood correctly then this is a married couple (if not, I apologize) and this lovely pair plays something raw and harsh. This type of grindcore is so brutal, the noise is rich with barbaric power, low sound. Okay maybe this record is raw but it sounds really badass, it`s hard to believe how only two humans can play something like that. This dirty blend of guitar sound and blasting drums is a product of love of these two freaks.

Rating: PowerXchuck – 6.5 XabruptX – 8

You can buy this record at Mono Canibal rec!

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