At first this split attracts attention with its own design. It was a great idea to use ancient an Australian predator for the cover art. Trash on the bottom looks great too, the surfboard and skateboard with all those band stickers… man thats a really nice view. But let’s end with all these visual things and lets listen the noise 😉
Always Never Fun
The first side of this split is populated by loud crashing tunes from Global ANF. This young band has big ambitions and also these guys have a fire. Their music is mostly extreme hardcore (But it does not cross the line of powerviolence, in my opinion of course). The songs carry a groove that is catchy, which for songs less than a minute long is very commendable. Also these short songs are full of simple (in good meaning) riff structures… i particularly memorized the sound of the bass guitar and crazy screams (this sonorous noise and hysterical yelling is very pleasant).
The Australian barbarian punks bring up the rear end of this split with full power fury. I honestly can’t say that this stuff is their best work. It’s great, but it is weaker than their debut full ep. Anyway these bastards prove that they cannot be underestimated. They show much more pure aggression (than ANF) and their sound is definitely more juicy. Songs are short too and the tracks have a tendency of staying with the listener in spite of their short life span. The humming guitar noises add a sharp edge to the whole picture. Slow, fast, slow and then fast again these music tempos will drive you crazy!
Rating: ANF: 7.5/10 PowerXchuck: 8/10

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