Short Temper – Die Already

What better way to start my new position of writing reviews, than with this sweet little EP here? Los Angeles based Hardcore/Fastcore 4 piece Short Temper bring the heat and fury with this sweet slab of angry noise. The cover art displays a simple but gripping message of self loathing. So much loathing that you just want to end your life, and that hits home for so many people. From the outset this seems like your normal Hardcore release with groove,hefty breakdowns and angry yelling vocals. Then like a flash the pace shifts and angry rough backing vocals come into play along side the yelling vocals for a torrent of rage. The riffs are tight and feel like someone smacked you across the face with a wooden baseball bat. The bass lines and drums are solid and ride smooth alongside everything. No one instrument overpowers the others and it’s beautiful mixed. I’d have to say that for what it’s worth, this is probably one of the best Hardcore releases you’ll hear this year.

Rating: 8/10 ShortxTemper fb

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