Cunts/Anal Butt (SPHC Records)

Wooooph, this split is only for sick noise maniacs… It is the sound of a clash between two continents. This sound violence will fry your brain and make your ears bleed. Expect ugly and terrible filling. This small split contains no less than a filthy cover. Only one look at this naked hairy person will make you puke, hahaha! That ridiculously dangerous cover 🙂
Let’s start with Cunt`s side. Insane Japanese freaks first tease the listeners hearing with sharp peak noise (it reminds me of the sound of a guitar when it starts to buggy on stage. Then everything turns upside down and with terrible pressure sounds the instrumental part. These wild kamikaze us no stringed instruments, there is only noise interference, vocal and loud drums… and you know what? Despite the primitive set, it sounds all quite good 😉
Well now let’s talk about Anal Butt, first of all I must say that I didn’t enjoy their noise too much. Boys from Maryland play pretty standard noisecore… Their stuff is not bad at all but there are a lot of similar things (bands) around. Shorts songs with aggressive and violent pressure. Loud yelling vocals, crazy drums… And that’s all I can say about this record. But I believe 100% that their noise will find many fans among noise and grind freaks.

Cunts: 7.5/10 Anal Butt: 6.5/10

You can buy this split HERE!

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