Hellkrusher / Visions Of War (Power it Up)

Okay Crust lovers keep your pants tight because today we will listen to a very cool split from two very cool bands. Bands with great history and big experience in making punk noise. Old Hellkrusher is the first band which will attack us. These crust punk veterans presented two very toxic songs. Hellkrusher does not depart from their traditions, they continue to destroy this world with their noisy music. Fuck, from the very first second that bass guitar sound just struck my heart… it sounds so adorable. Also just check those buzzing riffs and guitar solos I have a feeling like I just got out from my DeLorean and found myself in the 80’s at a punk concert hahaha! Good sound, simple but lovely songs, aggressive tempos… what else do you need?) Next one is a very robust boys from Belgium. Visions Of War plays more harsh stuff then their colleagues from Hellkrusher. Their noise is full of extreme power, some crust violence and hard grindcore spirit. This low sound wall can crush everything and everyone. But these songs are not as brutal as it may seem. There is a lot of good swing d beat pieces, sharp guitar solos and loud roars. Intensive barbarian energy just overflowing their side… And for the end I left a few words about the art on this small split. Front cover is not super interesting, understand this please, it’s nice but the theme of skulls and ammunition is very common in crust. But art on the back side is the real deal. It`s a very cool idea to portray two predators (scavengers) who are fighting for the bone. And on back the artist painted bombs that are falling to the ground. I think that in this way he wanted to show how politicians (or maybe big corporations) are fighting for power and they do not care about anyone else. I mean because of their interests, innocent people suffer and die. Well I guess (and hope) that people will listen to this split for a long time… and this split will not go unnoticed and forgotten. Rating: 8.5/10 Visions Of War Hellkrusher

You can order this split HERE!

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