Archagathus / Haggus (Fuck Your Life rec)

This split is like one big mince bombs with gore filling. You all know these bands, both of them have so many releases, but over the years they’ve changed for the better. On this tape you will find 7 harsh songs from Canadian maniacs and 4 nasty punk songs from US bastards. We can see the first side is belongs to Archagathus so let’s start with them. If I remember right this material was recorded for another split but, for some reason that release collapsed so the boys just used these songs for this split tape. Hm… Id really like to dig into this cover art. There is a strong and powerful reminder of animal rights. Shit these human and animal corpses look so cruel and painful (the idea of comparisons is rad 100%). So let’s move to the next stop, let`s take a big sip of beer and play this tape, hehe. Oh boy this isn’t old punk Archagathus… this monster transformed into something more dreadful. The sound is now a little bit lower and Dan used pitchshifter a lot… So this mince now has more of a gore taste. Fast buzzing riffs and hellish drum beats simply grind you into stuffing… and like I said previously there is a lot of vomit roars and yelling screams. Sometimes this terrible mass sounds violently fast, sometimes it has swing middle tempo… and the ending of this record is very funny, there are some piece from old film with jazz music, unexpected and good ending! Annnd side B, here we will find noises from Haggus. Very cute stuff, it feels like these guys started to write/create and record their songs more seriously. Song structures remain simple and uncomplicated but, tempos and riffs are a little bit different. But, like always Haggus attack us with barbaric primitive Mincegore. Swing tempos, blast beats, “tupa tupa” beats, buzzing noise and horrible vocals with some distortion effects… All the things you’ve been waiting for, are here. And let`s take a look on the visual side of this tape. On the cover of Haggus part it flaunts strange old picture from China. It shows some very brutal public execution (interesting, for what action was this punishment issued?). Rating: 8/10 Haggus Archagathus

You can buy this tape at FYLR

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