Embalming Theatre – The Beast Collection (Power it Up)

Okay boys and girls let’s sit around the fire and relax… Let me tell you the bloody story about the adventures of some maniacs,different disgusting things and many other interesting stories. The Beast Collection is like a book (okay audio book) with many scary stories. Here you’ll find songs from splits with Mesrine, Dead, FUBAR, Fondlecorpse and the Sadisticannibal ep. And if I understand it right all this material is united by one song about James Young. The design for this tape was made with pieces from each release involved here (by the way this art was made by one of the E.T. member). So you can already understand that this tape is rich with some disgusting sounds, strange and distuebing themes… well lets dig a little bit into the noise. Hmmm… these Swiss bastards put a lot of great movie samples. Many words from films with (and about) maniacs and like a cherry on the top, sample from the Evil Dead, hahaha that’s so great! This tape is full of audio maggots and radioactive audio slime! These middle tempos like a patient maniac which is waiting their victim. Not in any rush, he is waiting for the right moment to attack. The same with E.T., these buzzing guitars, crazy screams and roars. They’ll slowly penetrate and poison you from within. And then in one brief moment they destroy you… your brain is melting, your lungs are stopping… you can’t think and breathe. This brand of Death/Gore brings you a swift but painful death. Rating: 8/10 E.T. official site E.T. facebook

You can order this tape HERE!

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