Deadbeat / Boak (Grindpromotion Records)

So we’re back to powerviolence, finally haha. This is not a super new split but, believe me this one definitely deserves any PV freaks attention. Two different bands and two different lands. Fresh violent juice from Scottish Boak and the second release ever from Californian bandits Deadbeat… At first glance this cover looks pretty boring but, it`s only our first look. Lets pay attention to the details… First what we can see here is some kind of medal with a dying man inside. I’m sure that this is the main topic and it shows that for every stupid medal stands the human life (many lives). Also, the designer used some photos of prisoners of concentration camps, boots without owners (I think you can guess about what happened to them). Also there is a theme with “big bro is watching you” and of course mind manipulations (x-ray of the skull). And lets stop on this and talk about the noise. Deadbeat are inhabitants of L.A., like I said before they are a young band and it’s their second release. Their music is some kind of very extreme hardcore (hardcore on the end of extreme limits) with some powerviolence elements. Almost all songs are shorter then a minute (only “Vile Human” is a little bit longer than 1 min) so everything sounds even faster. I really like these loud yelling vocals. Guitars are pretty heavy and blast beats are intensive. So despite the fact that this record is short these 4 songs are a good example of a violence cocktail. This is an absolute good and painful mess in the very best way. 2 new songs (plus a cover of Eradicate) from the ever interesting Boak. This band is not too active, but every one of their releases receives good reviews. The noise can sew the seeds of sickness inside your head. Okay maybe these guys sounds pretty modern but, they bring absolutely destructive power. All their songs are pretty long (each more than a minute, haha) and full of violent energy. Slow and fast rhythms switch with each other and create real chaos. What else to say? Rating: 8/10 Boak fb Deadbeat fb

You can order this split HERE!

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