Sete Star Sept – Beast World (SPHC)

Last year this wonderful japanese two-headed monster issued its last (for the moment) album. After calling it “Beast World”, the guys quickly sent this unpleasant noisy creature to pressing (vinyl version is issued by SPHC rec). As with nearly all previous works from Sete Star Sept, this album differs with its frantic insanity. But, with every new work, noise of these guys, seems to be influenced by some kind of “free jazz” more and more. These small hatches of insane jazz dilute the general noise mass and make it more interesting. Avant-garde rhytms and screams just like from the asylum. This album is overfilled with various emotional spikes, Kae and Ryosuke show us again all that insane power which Japanese people can produce. Separately I’d like to pay attention to the artwork. This hellish insanity looks amazing. All these cute monsters devouring and tearing each other apart. This is probably not a “Beast World”, but a world in the beginning of development, from the nourishing soup of which various organisms are fishing out. I should also mention the beautiful comics you can find in the centre of this issue. Rating: 8/10 Sete Star Sept fb

You can buy this album HERE!

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