Vomi Noir / Halitosis (Septic Aroma Of Reeking Stench)

Fuck! This is a real present for all gore fans… it`s even hard to find the right words to describe how disgusting this split is, haha! When I was listening to this split I got the impression of a million maggots swarming in my head. Shit this split is so crazy! But let’s looks closely at each band. First band on this split is Vomi Noir from France. These dudes started not so long ago (about 1 or 2 years) but they already get all the attention from gore lovers. Low, dirty, fast goregrind with distorted beast vocals (if you want a short description). That rotten madness can melt your brain… The sound of the guitar and bass is so juicy and slimy. Also the blast beats sound old school in a way. And lastly the demonic vomit roars, with them this record sounds so fucking evil. But that was only the noise side, let’s look at the skin of this tape. This art was made by Pierre (Blue Holocaust and also Vomi Noir). I really don’t know what the character did, but he was punished so violently. This ugly deformed body was drawn with so many details… and this creepy art looks fantastic. Next are the Hungarian punks from Halitosis. Oh boy they started with a slow and heavy intro… I definitely love it! And then comes a big portion of groovy goregrind with some punk smell. “Tupa tupa” beats are changing to blast beats, and vice versa. Heavy sound with lot of low frequencies will drill your brain. Of course there are many ugly creepy kinds of vocals (which are the main part in gore genre) and you will also find some samples from different news programs and other stuff. Their noises are great but I find nothing interesting in their cover art. This collage is so simple and contains many meat food (and unfortunately that’s all). Rating: 9/10 Vomi Noir Halitosis

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